Aldi shopper finds frog in lettuce

This shopper in Cornwall, England, found a tiny surprise in her lettuce.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

When you’re shopping for salad, you usually pick up lettuce — and probably aren’t expecting any bonus wildlife with your purchase.

On Saturday, June 30, that’s exactly what happened to shopper Shevaughan Tolputt at an Aldi near her home in Cornwall, England.

She found it funny, so she posted video of the bonus frog unboxing on Twitter:

Tolputt is a vegan, and told the BBC that she would “certainly avoid any protein like that.” She said she found the incident shocking, but also funny.


Tolputt released the frog near a stream close to her home, where hopefully he is now happily residing. When someone on Twitter chided Tolputt for releasing the frog without knowing if it was a native species, she pointed out that the lettuce claimed to have been grown in Britain — so presumably, the frog itself is also a British native.

INSIDER reached out to Aldi UK about the hidden frog incident, and a spokesperson issued the following statement:

“We’re sorry to hear of Ms. Tolputt’s experience and have offered her a full refund. This type of incident, while incredibly rare, can naturally occur with fresh produce.”

We have to say, finding a cute frog in your lettuce definitely beats finding a potentially poisonous spider surprise in your bananas.


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