“Follow the Glow” Christmas Display Grand Opening

The biggest and best holiday display in Livermore is set to open on Friday, November 30 at 6:30 pm. A holiday tradition now in its 36th year, this year’s display is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit and bring back Christmas memories. The front yard of Deacon Dave Rezendes’ home at 352 Hillcrest Ave in Livermore, called Casa del Pomba, is visited by tens of thousands of guests each year. For the latest updates on what is happening, including Santa’s visiting hours, special guests, and behind the scenes trivia, Like Casa del Pomba Christmas on Facebook.

The theme each year changes, and is always kept a secret until opening night ceremonies. On opening night, the home and yard will be dark as a candlelight procession makes its way down the blocked off street. Members of the community are welcome to join the procession which will feature the St. Michael’s and Trinity Church choirs leading Deacon Dave and Santa and Mrs. Claus to the home. Special guests wait at the home to welcome the procession and join the festivities. The theme is announced, and the lights are turned on. There is a blessing of the lights then guests are invited to walk through the yard. Members of the non-profit group Good News Bears will help Deacon celebrate his special night by serving refreshments. Visitors wishing to support the group are invited to bring a new stuffed animal or cash donation to help them meet the ever-increasing need for “stuffed love” at shelters, hospitals, and emergency services. Find out more about their good work at www.goodnewsbears.org

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