9 vegan winter boots that stand up to chilly weather

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In a recent article that dubbed 2019 as “the year of the vegan,” Economist correspondent John Parker examined the soaring interest in the vegan lifestyle of late, and how it’s impacting multiple industries. A quarter of Millenials today identify as vegan or vegetarian, and companies are working to reach these consumers by accommodating their needs.

In response to people cutting meat out of their diets, McDonald’s has created a McVegan burger. Brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are making plant-based meat substitutes that actually look, feel, and even “bleed” like the real thing. Even Tyson, the largest meat processor in the U.S., is getting in on the plant-based protein trend.

But, at its core, veganism is more than just a diet. It’s also a system of values that is causing more and more people to consider how other products they use — think clothing, home goods, and accessories — are made. Vegan labels have become prolific in grocery stores and on the boxes of your favorite snacks, but there’s less transparency when shopping for clothing and accessories, making the process a little more difficult.

There are plenty of brands making chic, stylish clothing and accessories that also happen to be cruelty-free. And, plenty of your favorite existing brands have started added vegan options to their offerings. To make it easier for you, we rounded up 9 great pairs boots that are perfect for winter and also happen to be vegan. Whether you’re vegan or not, we think you’ll love — and really want to wear — one of these pairs.

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