Abandoned and Suicidal, Young Woman Makes One Last Phone Call — and it Saved Her Life

After a long day of work, Joy returned to find luggage filled with her clothes outside her home.

Incessant knocking on the door over an hour yielded no replies nor responses.

Confused and shocked, the 25-year-old contemplated taking her own life as an option.

“If my family doesn’t want me, what is the point of me continuing to live?” she wondered. “Maybe if I die, it will be easier for everyone.”

It was then that Joy recalled a newspaper article that her friend previously sent, featuring Kenneth (Ken) and Adeline (Addy) Thong, co-founders of The Last Resort (TLR). Before taking her own life, Joy decided to give TLR a shot.

She managed to contact them. They took her in, and she has been staying ever since. “When I stepped in and found out that I could have dinner, it just felt very surreal,” Joy explains through smiles.

“It’s very surreal that I can have a family now.”

Radical Compassion

It’s hard not to notice the line in bold, “A welcoming home for young people,” on TLR website.

Shortly after tying the knot, Ken and Addy have been welcoming complete strangers to find refuge in their home since 2007.

Originally involved in overseas missions work on different continents, the couple was connected one day in 2004 through a common desire to impact lives from troubled backgrounds.

“When we got together, we were very sure that we wanted to put God first in everything. Our wedding verse is, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.’ (Matt 6:33),” shared Addy.

On their first mission trip together to Hoedspruit, South Africa, Addy was struck by how close-knit Christian communities were—people loved God and each other, sharing everything they had generously.